Case of Etain Tannam – update 20/3/24

In this post we stress that after several unsuccessful attempts to start studying for a doctorate the victim addressed one of the lecturers at Trinity College in Dublin wishing to reach explanation. These circumstances were not understandable as there was no any reason for what was happening. Namely, lecturers who initially did help the victim to prepare for this work, at some point apologized for having to cease as, they said, they were “advised” so. Having all that in mind and having thoroughly analysed all the documentation at the disposal we decided to unfold and  dismantle what Etain Tannam and Iain Atack, famous scientists, wrought in the distant 2011. The truth, like a creek, wriggles through and what is done in darkness always comes to light.

It is notable that Etain Tannam received this letter on 6th January 2022 (see Figure one and see also page 2 of the uploaded document); from then until  publishing this post (30th October 2023) six hundred and sixty two days have passed and Etain Tannam did not notify the victim and did not explain anything. One may ask what does she have to do with all this. Well, she has a lot to do with what happened and not only morality of  Etain Tannam……Iain Atack and others with similar morality might be interested in reading this too….Further uploading of documentation will be interesting and will, step by step, show the other side of  case of Etain Tannam and Trinity College in Dublin. Today is 20th March 2024; Etain Tannam, Iain Atack and Linda Doyle have not expressed themselves yet.

Oifig Stiúrthóra lonchúiseamh Poiblí – pointed to in the letter to Etain Tannam means: Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Figure one

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