Dear reader,

We are a group believing in justice, honor and virtue and we would love to tell the story of real people and events they have found themselves in. The site testifies about what was happening after the victim commenced employment with the Irish Wheelchair Association at the end of 2004 and what does not show signs of ending in Dublin – capital of the Republic of Ireland. Many have fed and continue feeding the victim’s ordeal thinking what they have done and do will never come to light. They are mistaken….In what we would love You, dear reader, to hear about we offer undeniable evidence of organized crime network criminally bullying the victim and inflicting  trauma the victim has gone and is still going through.

The site, also, gives an interesting account about Etain Tannam and Iain Atack and their participation in portraying dark side of Trinity College in Dublin. It is not all as the series continues….. Full understanding of what these pages speak about unconditionally requests reaching not the written “but said between the lines.” – THAT IS THE CORE!!!

Last, but not the least…. The site offers facts and does not assert anything! Entitlement to the final judgment belongs only to the Court of International Public!

…..Let us begin