In December 2004 the victim commenced employment with Irish Wheelchair Association. Treatment within this organization he was exposed to over the years, first,  caused the illness and then on 20th August 2015 Irish Wheelchair Association expelled the victim.  Official pieces of evidence, confirming that Irish Wheelchair Association brought about the illness and then expelled their employee, exist and will be uploaded at the opportune time. It is, indeed, important to point out that the victim, today 24th October 2023, is still fully incapacitated for any work; there was no even one single break in continuity of his incapacitation. Legal experts of Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors, have thoroughly analysed all documentation the victim provided them with. Then both managing partner of the law office Mr Michael J. Kennedy  and the victim signed this Agreement Letter on 30th December 2015 (see page 5 hereunder). We will, now, upload all five pages one by one and then more interesting content follows.






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