Right or wrong case

In right or wrong case we wish to underline that both Etain Tannam and the Head ignored the victim’s attempts to reach solution within the school and he, then, addressed Linda Doyle, provost of Trinity College in Dublin hoping that this issue was going to be solved without the Court of International Public. Linda Doyle  received the file on 11th March 2022 at 07:59 (see Figure one and Figure two) On 1st page the victim wrote….highlighted in yellow “I enclose the working version of the file….”  We will, shortly, start uploading these documents. Irrespective of this warning only loud silence came and is still coming from Linda Doyle’s office.

Having this in mind worth learning would be what Criminal Law Act, 1997 says in its Sections 7 and 8. The approach that Etain Tannam and Iain Atack applied (if undetected)  would have produced failing the student.  Such an attitude of these two individuals, in reality, was not easy to understand as there was no any reason for what they were persistently doing.

Irrespective of the documents (their own documents) confirming that the student passed Iain Atack writes that the student is entitled to submit the paper again. For instance, on 26th April 2011 at 12:04 this individual writes “You are entitled to re-submit a revised version of your essay in order to obtain a passing mark.”  This was, in fact, their second attempt. A  short while before that they have tried the same. After that Etain Tannam and Iain Atack have allowed the student to re-submit the paper and failed him again. All that Etain Tannam sealed writing on 27th June 2011 at 13:11 “I am sorry the grade as disappointing…….I think in this situation you cannot proceed to dissertation next year….” In right or wrong case we stress that this was really impossible to understand! However, the exhibits tell the truth and as we have already pointed to earlier, we have all documents undeniably proving what happened.  At this moment it is indeed important to point out that people around the world will know all. The French say  c’est la vie….

Figure one

Figure two

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