Access to personal data – update 30/3/24

On 26th April 2013 Head of the School received the victim’s request for access to personal data. He requested a copy of any information they keep about him, on computer, in manual form or in any other electronic form. On that occasion the victim also notified Gilian Wylie, Etain Tannam, Ina Merdjanova and Iain Atack that he officially requested the access.  Today is 30th March 2024 and Head of the school is still rejecting to comply with law and to provide the victim with necessary documentation irrespective of 3990 days that have passed after 26th April 2013. It is notable that section 10.- (1) (a) refers to concealing and before uploading documentation that the school concealed from the victim we will have a closer look at meaning of this verb.

We note the key concepts that this section refers to: “dishonestly” and “intention”  and we also see how defines dishonesty  while in Cambridge dictionary intention refers to “something that you want and plan to do…”  Collins dictionary explaining concealing, section 10.- (1) (a) refers to, says “…if you conceal something, you cover it or hide it carefully…” and “….if you conceal a piece of information………you do not let other people know about it…”

Apart from the request for access to personal data, on 10th June 2013 at 07:38 (see page 4) Head of the School received another letter reminding them of the student’s request. This official, second time, ignored the request and failed to comply with what law points to.

After Head of the School TWO times ignored this request for access to personal data the victim then addressed the provost – Patrick Prendergast for his assistance. With this letter the victim enclosed all copies of requests that Head of the School and other lecturers received as pointed to in another letter and data request. That correspondence reached Patrick Prendergast on 21st June 2013 at 07:37 (see page 3 of this letter) and the victim has never received any response. Worth noting would be what Criminal Law Act, 1997 says in its Sections 7 and 8.

To be continued.


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