In the truth of Trinity College in Dublin – Ireland it is, indeed, necessary to return to 3rd post: The Provost – published on 4th November and updated on 11th November 2023. This is its text…

Having in mind the truth of Trinity College in Dublin – Ireland, we in the last sentence promised….. “We will, shortly, start uploading documents of this file.” …..and this is the moment of truth….

Linda Doyle, the Provost, is expected to explain whether she has forwarded this file to the law enforcement agency or perhaps Director for Public Prosecutions. If she has then she should further clarify when and to whom. If, in the Truth of Trinity, the Provost has not forwarded the documents in question to any institution then it is, indeed, necessary to hear her justification. Trinity College in Dublin is full of legal experts who certainly do know whether the documentation their Provost received (on 11th March 2022) testifies of criminal offences or not. These legal experts are part of the Truth of Trinity and they also know if these two individuals Iain Atack and Etain Tannam were involved in criminal activity or not. It is important to point out that the Provost of Trinity College in Dublin has fully ignored all the documentation she received. Let us begin…..

This is the documentation that the school failed to provide the victim with  although he three times unsuccessfully attempted to reach it…. 25th April …. 6th June and 21st June 2013. All in all, what has happened certainly cannot be accepted in any circumstances. Hence, all those legal experts of Trinity College in Dublin are fully aware whether section 10.- (1) (a) …Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001 applies or there was  no any violation of law.

                                     Analysis – pgs 1 – 12              Appendixes – 2nd                 figure – 4            

To be continued……

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