Role of Linda Doyle – update 20/3/24

As already said after publishing role of Linda Doyle we will begin uploading documents, the victim points to on first page (highlighted in yellow) of the file. We already published it on 4th November. Ms Doyle Linda ignored the documents she received on 11th March 2022 (see previous post). The victim waited nineteen months (Figure one) and then reminded the Provost, in  written information, of the consequences of her ignoring the earlier correspondence. This time of  nineteen months is what refers to role of Linda Doyle. As we pointed to above, in the next post we will start uploading interesting documentation in which Etain Tannam and Iain Atack testify themselves who they really are.

The large documentation Linda Doyle received testifies on what these two individuals were doing. After seeing it the provost became loudly silent. She did not write or say even one single word of undeniable pieces of evidence that the file contains. Unfortunately for her and others who participated in what the folder testifies about the Court of International Public will see everything – literally everything.  On top of everything else this testimony will stay on internet permanently available to everyone. Returning to the role of Linda Doyle we point to the second part of the title. Namely, the student really attempted to sincerely talk to the provost and see what was the reason for her silence of nineteen months.

For that, on 25th October 2023 he wrote to Linda Doyle once more; she received the correspondence next day. Nonetheless, all it was in vain because the Provost remained silent and rejected to communicate with the student. We strongly disapprove of, object to and feel that this was not acceptable. Failing to refer to what these two individuals of the Trinity College in Dublin have perpetrated is certainly not legally acceptable having, particularly, in mind what Criminal Law Act, 1997 says in its Sections 7 and 8.

Figure one

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