In School, head and case, we point out that Etain Tannam received this letter on 6th January 2022 (see Figure two and see also page 4 of the letter) and from then until uploading this post (2nd  November 2023). Six hundred and sixty five days have passed and Ms Tannam did not notify the victim and did not explain anything. Apart from dr Tannam the victim notified Head of the School. It is, further, notable that the Head received the evidence and became aware on 19th January 2022 (see Figure one and see also page 1 of the letter) that dr Etain Tannam did receive the letter on 6th January 2022 at 07:50. Six hundred and ninety three days from 19th January 2022 until updating this post (13th December 2023)  have gone by and Head of the School have not explained to the victim what happened. Ergo, what could be the reason for this loud silence rupturing the eardrums? In school, head and case we only slightly touched  what Etain Tannam, Iain Atack and others were involved in. We have all the evidence and we will in phases and gradually explain what both Etain Tannam and Head of the School have done…..and not only these two persons…..we will point to other names too….

At the time when all that was being done those who went to the extreme lengths to fail  the student failed themselves. They did not know what was happening and believed that the student was not going to understand. However, the truth is pretty different from what some people apprehended. Their conviction was really impressionable and they firmly held belief that what they were doing was never going to be revealed. Twelve years passed and then the moment of truth happened – they cannot believe that we have all the exhibits and we stress….we just started….

Figure one

Figure two

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