Legal Services Regulatory Authority – update 20/3/24

In addition to Law Society in Dublin – Ireland the victim posted the same letter, in which he reminds Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors of the need to finally close the case, also to the Legal Services Regulatory Authority. This institution received the correspondence on 9th August 2023 at 08:14 (see Proof of Delivery and see also page 19 of the uploaded file).

In   that correspondence the victim stressed importance of the concern. He also notified the Legal Services Regulatory Authority and gave them evidence that law office Kennedy Solicitors already had the same letter. He believed that this Authority is really independent as they say themselves. Apart from that the victim drew attention of the Authority that his legal advisors were going to upload to internet the overall file they have. While being employed in Irish Wheelchair Association he was exposed to atrocities unheard of.  However what happened after Irish Wheelchair Association expelled him we do not see as human treatment. We believe that uploading the exhibits to internet is necessary as, for instance, Law Society fully ignored the victim’s call for assistance. Minister for Social Protection registered his correspondence on 7th March 2023. Ten months have passed without any news from Minister for Social Protection – Heather Humphreys. No  news irrespective of her enquiries and irrespective of her promise that as she says “….a further letter will issue to you as soon as possible.” After all this, how can we or anyone  have any belief in the reliability or sincere intentions of these institutions?! In correspondence to the Legal Services regulatory Authority the victim pointed to really unacceptable time that passed after 30th December 2015. On this day the parties signed the Agreement Letter and since then law office Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors have done NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….Subsequent events were going to prove who really are Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors. All this was why section Legal Services Regulatory Authority came into being. Their Highness Sections 7 and 8 in Criminal Law Act 1997.

Proof of delivery

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