Human values in Dublin – Ireland: update 13/7/24

The appearance and development of values lead even to the ancient times and scientific literature has found them in very beginnings of civilization. Values are notable in human consciousness in the social and humanistic sciences they are integral part of. However, some brutally breach human values in Dublin – Ireland

However, not only by historical, but also cultural, civilizational and traditional factors condition their determination. With all technology humanity have acquired in the last decades people seem to have lost some of the fundamental values. They come into being as the system that enables discerning the good from the bad. Human values also help find road from the good to the better. They offer ability of acting rightly and harming no one. Positive law protects universal social values in a lesser or greater degree.

However, it depends on certain determinants which in their own way merge into the cultural identity of a community. This is only one side and the other possibility is that positive law does not provide such the protection.There are two reasons. It does not apprehend values or irrespective of understanding does not apply essence of the sanctuary. Human values are subject of ethical subdisciplines of axiology, value theory, sciences of value and etymology. The good and virtues appear in discourses, as lower forms of value. Irrespective of it  since the very beginning of philosophy the concept of value is still of relatively new existence.

What happened in Dublin – Ireland on 7th July 2023 (see the second post published on 22nd September 2023) is how Leo Fay of Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors apprehends human values. We will briefly point to what they look like and then the testimony continues. We remind this criminalthat 371 days can be accommodated between 7th July 2023 when his monstrous insolence began to reveal its true nature and  13th July 2024 (today) – this testimony about malevolent character of Leo Fay’s personality will last much longer – permanently. In the course of uploading evidence international public will learn what Leo Fay and his accomplices really look like and how Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors and others perpetrate the crimes. However, the most horrific is that other officials protect, Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors along with other perpetrators, brutally violating in that way Sections 7 and 8 in Criminal Law Act 1997. Quest for Justice have already pointed to some names and proved a small part of the horror. Coming years will reveal the remaining crimes and what explains panic of “dignified and prominent” members of the society  are daily attacks on Quest for Justice. This is what happened only in one night (between 1st and 2nd April 2024)….

Quest for Justice testifies in which way Leo Fay, his accomplices and his protectors describe themselves as the organized crime network. Helen McEntee, criminal – Minister for Justice and Catherine Pierse, criminal Director of Public Prosecutions are helpless in preventing the truth to come out. People from Alaska to New Zealand read about disgusting atrocities this organized crime network have committed against a person suffering from mental illness the Irish Wheelchair Association heinously caused during eight years of the victim’s ordeal. When pointing to the victim’s ordeal we mean barbarous psychological torture and even physical assaults in which a person deliberately run his wheelchair into the victim (Quest for Justice point out – without any reason) and brought about bleeding of the victim’s left lower leg. We are not talking about one single physical assault – but deliberately use the plural form. Our office have undeniable exhibits of all this and, at the opportune time, will publish it – literally everything… even the minutest details. You Helen McEntee and you Catherine Pierse, along with your accomplices,  are going to extreme lengths to conceal all it. That is the futile work and in the course of coming years all the horrific crimes will surface…

“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience, but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.” – Martin Luther King Jr

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