Regulatory Authority I – update 20/3/24

On 10th August 2023 Mr Michael Doran of Regulatory Authority, in Dublin – Ireland, responded to the correspondence and, apart from the cover letter, forwarded a complaint form and information leaflet. The victim thanked for taking the issue into consideration and informed him that the written file was being prepared. Mr Doran received the information on 15th August at 10:17 (see page 3). We are gradually entering the area of more interesting documentation…..

This was encouraging and this was first time that some institution accepted to consider the victim’s call for help. We, then, had a closer look at who the Legal Services Regulatory Authority really are. On the front page of their website this institution, describing themselves, write…. “We are the independent regulator for legal services providers. We work to maintain and improve standards in legal services and ensure value for money in the interest of consumers. We are the first point of contact for complaints about solicitors and barristers. We will be impartial when we consider any complaint. Ourt complaints service is free.” At this moment to point to name of an individual – complaints and resolution officer working with the Legal Services Regulatory Authority. His name is Paul Comerford.  We also draw attention to documentation and analysis that we will upload in one of the next posts under title: In flagrante delicto in Dublin – Ireland.  That will be somewhat longer post in which we will give evidence, undeniable one, who Paul Comerford really is. In that post we will show how Paul Comerford in reality demonstrates words in which the institution he works with introduce themselves. In flagrante delicto in Dublin – Ireland will be an analysis of approximately forty pages. We say approximately as we are still working on it. The analysis is not designed to stand alone as it along with the supporting documentation makes the whole. Their Highness Sections 7 and 8 in Criminal Law Act, 1997.


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