Kennedy Solicitors in Dublin – Ireland: update 20/3/24

In December 2004 the victim commenced employment with Irish Wheelchair Association. It subsequently lead to Kennedy Solicitors in Dublin – Ireland. Treatment within this organization he experienced over the years, first,  caused the illness and then on 20th August 2015 Irish Wheelchair Association expelled the victim. The inhuman treatment started  gradually in June or July 2005 and did not stop until official expelling ten years later. The victim depended on this employment and for that he could not complain to anyone. Those who treated him inhumanely  did know that very well. That was why the victim had to put up with different sorts of abuses. Only once or two times he tried politely to talk. However, the line manager of the Association reminded the victim that his employment depended on his (manager’s) will.

Pieces of evidence confirm that Irish Wheelchair Association brought about the illness. They also confirm that the Association expelled their employee. We will upload these exhibits at the opportune time as that  is our moral obligation. It is, indeed, important to point out that the victim, today  26th February 2024, is still fully incapacitated for any work. There was no even one single break in continuity of his incapacitation. He provided the law office with really many documents confirming what he has gone through. Legal experts in Agreement Kennedy Solicitors and victim have thoroughly analysed all documentation the victim provided them with.

Then both Kennedy Solicitors in Dublin –  Ireland and the victim signed this Agreement Letter on 30th December 2015 (see page 5 hereunder). Agreement between Kennedy Solicitors in Dublin – Ireland and victim explains clearly all the details of, as the managing partner defines it, work. This law office grouped it into ten wholes:

  1. Responsibility for the work
  2. Fees
  3. Terms of business
  4. Agreement
  5. Termination of Retainer
  6. Limitation of Liability
  7. Closing date
  8. E-mail correspondence
  9. Conflicts
  10. Other matters

Today is 20th March 2024 and Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors are still rejecting to meet their obligations as precisely defined in this Agreement.

We will, now, upload all five pages one by one and then more interesting content follows.






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