Michael Kennedy in Dublin – Ireland: update 20/3/24

The last time when they met Leo Fay suggested the victim to telephone him on 7th July 2023. Mr Fay said that he was going to have more details about final preparations for closure of the case. Suspecting nothing the victim telephoned, first time, at 17 minutes past 3 pm and the administrative secretary abruptly hung up. All that preceded the letter to Michael Kennedy in Dublin – Ireland.

After that the victim, unsuccessfully, tried several more times to reach Mr Fay to hear news he promised. It was obvious that Mr Fay was not sincere and rejecting to take the call was a pretext of something. The letter in 2nd post gives more details of what was happening on 7th July. All that was very strange as there was no reasonable justification for what this solicitor was doing. The two parties signed the Agreement  Letter on 30th December 2015. Approximately seven years and eight months passed and in the end Mr Fay avoided to explain what was happening.

Then gradually the truth slowly began to dawn on the victim. This law office employee never had a real wish to bring this case to an end. He was going to prove it himself somewhat later when we caught him in the very act of wrongdoing. What Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors were doing from December 2015 through July 2023 was their really shameful image. However, in that way they portray themselves and build reputation of their law office. Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors were convinced that nothing wrong can happen and that there would be no any consequences. Sections 7 and 8 in Criminal Law Act, 1997 are more than clear.

Mr Fay did know that we will upload all documentation to internet if things go wrong but he ignored it. That forced the victim to write Letter to Michael Kennedy himself and request access to his personal information. On pages 9, 10 and 11 we will show proofs confirming that managing partner did receive this file.

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