Director of Public Prosecutions – update 9/6/24

In text Director of Public Prosecutions we wish to stress several important points. Namely, this criminal unexpectedly rejected further communication although he requested the victim to telephone him. That was Friday, 7th day of July 2023. Having unsuccessfully attempted several times to reach anyone in the office who would be willing to explain what was happening the victim, on the same day, wrote a letter.  The circumstances were becoming more clear. All this is explained in more detail in post Law office in Dublin – Ireland (regularly updated).

Then, the victim in accordance with article 15 of General Data Protection Regulation requested Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors to provide him with a copy of any information they keep about him on computer, in manual form or in any other electronic form. Post “Michael Kennedy in Dublin – Ireland” talks about this request and further explains what, at that time, was happening. These criminals ignored the request and concealed the huge documentation. They perpetrated it irrespective of law and irrespective of being aware that the victim has the list precisely proving which documents they concealed. They also ignored the victim’s postal receipts proving that Michael J. Kennedy Solicitors do have all those documents at their disposal. In “Director of Public Prosecutions” we go further.

Disagreeing with such conduct the victim addressed Helen McEntee – Minister for Justice in Ireland’s government, Legal Services Regulatory Authority in Ireland and Law Society of Ireland. He posted the same letter to all them (see page 4) and all them received the correspondence on 9th August 2023 (see pages 18 to 23). Minister for Justice acknowledged the reception after five days, opened the inquiry and since then…..silence and loud silence. We, 44th time call on this criminal – Minister for Justice to publicly show findings of “her investigation she launched on 14th August 2023. Law Society of Ireland fully ignored the letter and never responded. Legal Services Regulatory Authority  responded and what their Paul Comerford perpetrated is really horrific and despicable. All this is further explained in posts “Law Society of Ireland”, “Legal Services Regulatory Authority”, “Regulatory Authority”  and “In flagrante delicto in Dublin – Ireland.”  We expect to complete uploading documentation of this last post  in August or September 2024 if the research does not produce more evidence. However, our investigation is going on and if we reach new exhibits predicted completion time of evidence uploading will have to be extended.  Seeing no any progress the victim addressed Director of Public Prosecutions who received the  correspondence on 19th January 2024 at 08:25 (see pages 3 and 4) Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions describe themselves as Independent, Fair and Effective. However, time is running and we call on this criminal Director of Public Prosecutions, 20th timeto express herself and finally take steps to solve what this website speaks about. Helen McEntee, minister for justice of Republic of Ireland and Catherine Pierse, director of public prosecutions in Ireland (not we) do confirm that they both do belong to this Organized Crime Network because they brutally ignored all evidence material of Quest for Justice, rejected any investigation and viciously violated Sections 7 and 8 – Criminal Law Act, 1997 

To be continued

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